Alarm Clock 2.0

No Image Set up 3 different alarms and specify which days of the week (Mon/Wed/Fri, Tues/Thurs, All Days, Weekdays) to play the selected wav file. Or initiate a countdown timer instead of setting an alarm. You can also click the snooze button and configure the snooze time. All alarms and snooze are accurate to the second. The main screen has an easy to read Current Time/date display in military or standard time.

Ultimate Alarm Clock - With Instant Ligh 1.0: Ultimate Alarm Clock - With Instant Light, Light Up Room When Alarm Comes On
Ultimate Alarm Clock - With Instant Ligh 1.0

snooze the alarm! No need to turn on the lamp and wake up your partner. The first and only alarm clock with instant light for iPhone 4 users. Do I have to have the an iPhone 4 to use the alarm app? No, this is a bonus feature for iPhone 4 users, however, the alarm is fully functional for all iOS devices. ★ FEATURES: ✓ Vibration Only Alarm ✓ Front Light With Alarm (Must Have) ✓ Automatically Display Local Weather Conditions ✓ Set Alarm To

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Banshee Screamer Alarm 2.55: Start any program or mp3 file on your computer by typing part of its name
Banshee Screamer Alarm 2.55

Banshee Screamer Alarm is a free, snoozeable alarm clock designed to wake you up. Play MP3s, execute programs, or shut down your computer at the time you set. Schedule up to 99 alarms on different days of the week. Automatically synchronize your time with the Internet. Fully skinnable; import over 500 skins from other clock programs. Multilingual.

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STS Alarm Clock 3.1.3

The STS Alarm clock is a PC based alarm clock that will wake you up to your choice of MP3, WAV sound files, CD audio, or even a playlist. You can set up to two separate alarms with the demo and an unlimited number of alarms with the full version. The full version also has support for skins and has a snooze function. Great for college students, business people, and people who work with computers all day long.

snooze, alarm clock, music, softex solutions, wake up

PowerController 2.1.3: iTunes alarm clock.  Simple to use, reliable, and packed with cool features.
PowerController 2.1.3

iTunes alarm clock that is simple to use, reliable, and packed with cool features. Wakes computer from sleep, plays any playlist in iTunes, fades in music volume, has a snooze feature, auto-shutoff, and more. Free, unrestricted 30-day trial! Configurable via System Preferences, so there is no application hogging dock space. Set a different wake time and playlist for every day of the week!

gradually increasing volume, system preferences, auto shutoff, os x, powercontroller, alarm, power manager, status item, itunes, mac alarm clock, music alarm, panther, playlist

RAM Defrag 2.84: RAM Defrag - defrags your RAM - Winner of the 'Isidor Awards 2003/2004'
RAM Defrag 2.84

RAM Defrag with following options: Defrags your RAM , Deletes TEMP-Directory, Clears clipboard, Autostart-function, Start with timer, little SysMon (RAM-Monitor), Snooze, Multilanguage - Winner of the "Isidor Awards 2003/2004"

software, system, windows, tool, 2000, catbytes, defrag

Citrus Alarm Clock 2.3: A computer alarm clock that works with your music collection.
Citrus Alarm Clock 2.3

Citrus Alarm Clock is a software alarm clock that helps you wake up relaxed and on time. Citrus uses your own music collection. When it`s time to wake up, Citrus wakes your computer out of its low-power sleep state and gently fades in your music so you`re not startled awake. You can even set different alarm times for different days, and if you want to rest a little longer, just tap space to snooze.

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